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November 15, 2017 2 min read

As the hot weather comes, so does the questions
“How do I dress my baby for bed?” or “Are they too hot?”
Australia is tricky! Who wants to or who can afford to run air conditioning 24/7
If you don’t run air conditioning, there is a good chance your baby’s room will be above 24 degrees and your baby will need to be dressed in a 0.5 tog or lower.
Don’t forget that you can still dress up and down in a 0.5 tog which is why we prefer this tog over a 1.0 tog. With a onesie underneath a 0.5 tog can still be used under air conditioning but it’s hard to stay cool in a 1.0 tog without air conditioning, making the 0.5 tog or less a much more versatile sleeping option. Phew! Hope that wasn’t too confusing!
Our two favourite brands are Love to Dream and ergoPouch with both brands being either a 0.2 tog or a 0.3 tog.
Babies and toddlers sleep better being covered, in fact most adults do too! Swaddles, sleeping bags and sleepsuits also become a positive sleep association for so many little ones. They just know that when they slip into their night attire that it’s bedtime and sleep time …. hopefully 😉 Just another reason not to abort sleeping bags, swaddles and sleep suits in the summer!
Sleepsuits and sleeping bags with a tog rating of less than 0.5 tog are just like your baby sleeping with a sheet over them … that can’t be kicked off!
I hope this helps 🙂
Fire any further questions our way
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