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Easynight Blackout Blind FAQ information

Firstly, no matter which style or colour blind you choose they all provide 100% light block out if hung correctly.

Blacking out all the light in your child’s bedroom helps to produce melatonin and simply makes sleep easier. It also helps to prevent children waking before Mum and Dad are ready!! Black out blinds are highly recommended by Sleep Consultants to create a snoozy sleep environment for your baby, child, or whole family. 

They can be hung either way on your window and they can be cut to size with no hemming required (no fray material). 

Everything required to hang the easynight blinds is included in the kits.

TRAVEL - includes suction cups & removable frame fasteners for home or travel

HOME -includes removable frame fasteners only

What is the difference between the EasyNight and the EasyBlackout Blinds?

The EasyBlackout Blinds are a heavier material and suitable to hang via removable Frame Fasteners in all sizes but only suitable in the smaller sizes to use with suction cups.  The whole backing of the blind is Velcro friendly meaning there is no need to line up Velcro strips.  Simply press the blind against the removable frame fasteners or suctions cups to hang.  The backing of the blinds (the side facing the outside of your house) is white, making it suitable for Body Corp rules.  Available in Cream, White or Black with a white backing.

The EasyNight Blinds have a silver backing to reflect the heat (not suitable for all Body Corp rules).  The soft Velcro pads are attached to the silver side of the blind to correspond with the removable fasteners placed on the window frames. They are a much lighter material making them suitable for travel and to hang via the suction cups or removable frame fasteners for all sizes.  

Our blinds can be cut to size (No fray material) and more than one blind can be used to black out a large window.  Extra suction cups and frame fasteners are available for separate purchase if you intend to cut your blind to fit two windows

How to put up an Easynight Black 
How to put up an Easyblackout White/Cream

Awarded Gold for the third time in the Gentle Parenting 2017 awards.  They are perfect to take on holidays too!


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