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Lulla Doll FAQ information

The Lulla Doll as seen on The Today Show

Getting started with the Lulla Doll

To activate and deactivate Lulla’s sounds, press Lulla’s speaker button for 3-5 secs.  The volume switch on the side of your sound box has three volume settings.  With each click of the button, the volume setting will change.  Please remember the changes are subtle.

Lulla will play for a full 12 hours + before automatically switching off.

TIP: Turn Lulla off when baby wakes to save battery power.

Every time you turn the doll off and then back on it will reset the 12 hours.

If your little one is under 12 months old, please use the Velcro tabs in Lulla’s back pocket to safely secure Lulla to the outside of the sleep environment. This also applies to toddlers over 12 months old that cannot safely manoeuvre around a comforter.

The Lulla Doll will remind your baby of sleeping next to you and give them the comfort and security they need to resettle themselves through their sleep cycles. For older children it gives them the comfort and security to be able to sleep through the night by themselves

TIP: “Wear” Lulla to make the doll smell just like you.

How to introduce the Lulla Doll

Firstly, please let me make you aware of safe sleep guidelines. The Lulla Doll is AUST/NZ safety approved and has been thoroughly safety tested to be suitable for babies from birth. The whole design was made with safety in mind. The doll is very light, made from natural materials, has no loose items nor toxic chemicals. The sound is set at a safe volume of 65db but is clearly audible even from a short distance. The benefits of the doll can be experienced even though the doll is placed away from the baby.

️Pediatric guidelines all over the world do not recommend that caregivers have loose items in the babies sleep environment from birth to 12 months. With this is mind the Lulla doll is designed to be a cot-attachment, with velcro straps located in the back pocket for easy attachment to most cots, car seats, strollers and other carriers.

️We strongly recommend that from birth to 12 months the doll is kept away from the face and is not loose in the cot during sleep.

️There is no right way or wrong way to introduce your Lulla Doll to your little one, but some tips from our resident Sleep Consultant may just be what you need to tame the more difficult sleeper!

️It is important to wear your Lulla Doll to make her nice and Mummy smelly, or Daddy if you prefer! Lulla’s material was especially selected by our Icelandic mums to absorb your smells more readily. We recommend sleeping with Lulla for a night to accomplish this.

️Remember! Lulla needs to be pressed for 3-5 secs to activate/deactivate the sounds.  The volume switch on the side of your sound box has three volume settings.  With each click of the button, the volume setting will change.  Please remember the changes are subtle.
Lulla will seem quieter during daylight hours and louder during night time hours, especially if you have a noisy house full of kids during daylight hours like me!

Introducing 0-4 months
At this age, it is very simple to introduce Lulla. The aim is for Lulla to become a positive sleep association for your baby. Regardless of whether they are crying or not, simply have Lulla switched on during your normal bedtime routine i.e patting, rocking, feeding or cuddling. Be consistent with your approach and use the Lulla Doll for every nap/sleep. Although, we see instant success so often, some babies may take a little longer and we suggest being consistent with your Lulla Doll routine for a month or more.
Lulla is very special because the heart beat and breathing play for 8 hours. All babies sleep in cycles of approx 20-50 mins. “Good Sleepers” can resettle themselves but quite often a baby will seek the initial sleep cues that put them to sleep. We want Lulla to become that sleep cue, so although you may not be there, or the rocking may be gone, Lulla’s sounds, smell and touch (if they are old enough to cuddle) will still be there. Many other sleep aids turn off after 30 minutes, just when your baby is transitioning to their next sleep cycle and why it is so important that the Lulla sounds play right through their sleep cycles until they fall into a deeper sleep. Lulla plays for 8 hours continuously and can be reset before you go off to bed by switching off and then back on.

️Introducing from 6 months on
The most crucial factor during this age is to take your time! I know it’s very tempting to grab Lulla straight from the mail box and straight into your baby’s bed (especially if you are in a deprived state of sleep) but unfortunately your baby is more likely to see Lulla as being a replacement for mum at bedtime and maybe resentful of Lulla for this reason. This is called a negative sleep association and we don’t want Lulla to be associated with big changes to your baby’s sleep routine

️Initially, introduce Lulla to your little one with NO sounds, during playtime, when your baby is happy and more willing to accept and bond with Lulla. Encourage cuddling, dressing, wrapping, and general role playing to encourage this bonding.
After 1-2 days and longer if you feel your baby/toddler needs more time, turn Lulla’s sounds on and make lots of fuss about how beautiful Lulla sounds. Ohhhh and Aahhh and make your baby see just how special you think Lulla is.

️Now it’s time to introduce Lulla at night time as part of your normal bedtime routine ie reading or laying with your baby. Talk to your toddler about what Lulla is for and how Lulla will look after them at night time. It’s amazing just how much our little ones understand when being spoken to, even if they can’t express themselves fully. When you feel that your little one is very confident and secure with Lulla, you can start to slowly transition away before your little one is asleep. This transition may also take a little time to complete so be patient!

️Please, if you have any questions pop us an email or give us a call info@sleeptightbabies.com.au 0405259674

Thank you for your purchase and support!


How do I wash our Lulla Doll?

The soundbox must be removed prior to washing, which is easily done as it is placed in a velcro pocket on the back of the doll.

We pop Lulla into a washing bag and throw her in a cold machine wash.

However, for the most sensitive children, the Lulla doll can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius (hot) to eliminate most bacteria.

Keep in mind that repeated washing at high temperature might affect the dolls appearance.

Is the doll safe for newborns?

The Lulla doll is thoroughly safety tested to be suitable for newborns. Lulla is Aust/NZ safety approved.

However, it is not safe to leave your baby (under 12 months) unattended with the Lulla Doll. SIDS state nothing in your baby’s sleeping environment for the first 12 months.

Lulla comes with Velcro tabs to safely secure Lulla to the outside of the bassinet or cot until your baby is old enough to safely cuddle Lulla.

Lulla plays at 65 dBs so you baby will still be able to engage with Lulla’s sounds.

My sound box has stopped

Lulla is activated and deactivated by pressing the speaker button on the sound box for 3-5 secs.  

The Volume switch is the button on the side of your sound box.

Signs that your batteries are running flat

  • Lulla is switching off when you use the volume switch
  • Lulla is switching on but only operating for a short period of time
  • Lulla won’t switch on at all

Please try a fresh set of batteries.  Do not test the Lulla Doll using batteries from other appliances. Testing must be done with brand new batteries fresh from the packet.

Try to roll your finger over the new batteries, moving them a little to ensure they are making good contact at each end.

If the problem persists contact us here.

The doll uses two AA batteries.

How does the Lulla doll different from other products?

Both the purpose and the design of the Lulla Doll differs from other seemingly similar products.

Many white noise devices turn off after 20-30 minutes or are sound activated. Those that do play continuously do not have the comfort factor of a plush toy and are quite often machines instead.

It makes no sense to wait until baby cries to try and resettle and we certainly do not want the sounds to stop just as baby is resettling themselves through their first sleep cycle which is around 35-40 minutes in most cases. The key to Lulla’s success is the fact that Lulla is a comforter and plays 12 hours of continuous heartbeat and breathing

All babies have sleep cycles of 30-50 minutes. When they wake, they often seek, the same cues that put them to sleep in the first place.
We want Lulla to remain playing when they wake from a sleep cycle so we are giving them the best possible chance of resetting to the familiar sounds they heard when they went to sleep initially.

The Lulla Doll reminds baby of sleeping right next to you with breathing and heartbeat rather than imitating the womb experience.

Older children can face a lot of sleep related challenges as well as newborns, just of a different kind. Transitioning to a bigger bed, sleeping in their own room, calming down, sleeping outside of the home overnight, going to daycare or children that have suffered extreme trauma. In these cases the Lulla Doll can help to make them feel calmer and safer and more secure.

Does Lulla doll work with motion sensor pads?

Although the Lulla Doll has been tested with most major brands with nil affect, we recommend that the sensitivity is tested with the doll alone, where it will be situated with the baby during sleep.

Lulla emits sounds of a heart beating which generates small movements. This can be detected by motion sensor pads if they are set to the highest sensitivity and the doll is situated directly on the sensor pad. The Lulla doll has velcro straps and can be attached to the crib or be placed outside the sleep environment.

How long do the batteries last?

The sound-box uses two AA batteries. We recommend using rechargeable batteries to help protect our environment.

The battery life will differ greatly depending on the quality of your batteries but we would expect 280 hours with good quality batteries.

If your Lulla is switching off when you use the volume switch, this is an indication that your batteries are beginning to run flat.


Lulla comes has a 12 month warranty on the electrical component and 6 months warranty on the Soft Doll.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

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