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Rockit Product FAQ

Your RECHARGEABLE Rockit Rocker has stopped?

If your Rockit does not start, or takes multiple button presses to start, check it is adequately charged. Also make sure that it is rotated so it points directly up with the button on top. 

It takes 5-6 hours to charge fully. How long does a full charge last?  It varies depending on various factors, including the type of stroller it’s fixed to, the baby's weight and the ambient temperature. You should expect around 8-12 hours at room temperature if used at low - medium speed.

If this problem persists with a fully charged, vertical Rockit, please contact our customer support info@sleeptightbabies.com.au

 Your BATTERY Rockit Rocker has stopped?

Are your batteries brand new and if so, please try a 2nd set to rule out faulty batteries.  Please do not test the Rockit with rechargeable batteries or a mixture of old and new batteries.

Can you please check the top is screwed down firmly on the battery compartment and you are fully depressing the "on" button until you hear it click.

Can you please hold the Rockit in an upright position and try both the low and high speed on the dial. The dial is placed at the base of the Rockit 

Your Rockit isn’t rocking fast enough?

Please ensure your Rockit is as high as possible whilst remaining in a vertical position on your handlebars.

Please make sure your bracket is snugly attached to ensure the Rockit is not rocking on the bracket only.

Please experiment with the different speeds and placement on your stroller as it can vary performance quite substantially.

Try lower speeds. If it's tightly fitted it can rock a stroller very well at some of the lower range of speeds. 

Your Rockit batteries are not lasting very long?

Please make sure bracket is done up tightly so the Rockit is not losing energy moving the bracket instead of the stroller

If you have it fitted horizontally across the top bar of your stroller, the battery life will be not be as efficient.  Please find a vertical spot on the handlebars that it can be attached to.

Try lower speeds. If it's tightly fitted it can rock a stroller very well at some of the lower range of speeds. 

If you have bags / shopping hanging from the handles the Rockit has to work harder to rock the stroller.  It is much better to stow that weight under the stroller. 

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