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April 18, 2018 2 min read

It’s hard watching a baby who has a cold, especially when they are struggling to breathe and feed at the same time. Babies get lots of colds because they are still developing their immunity, but the snuffles won’t last long and will soon pass. Until then, they may wake more in the night, meaning the entire household is feeling exhausted.

We know ourselves how awful we feel when we’re sick, but at least we understand what’s happening. Our babies don’t have that advantage and consequently become upset and miserable. We’ve put together some tips on how you can help make them feel even that little bit better …

• Keep baby hydrated and rested – A baby who has a cold will be seeking comfort through the breast or bottle. If your baby has a blocked nose, they may be finding it hard to breathe and nurse at the same time. Try and keep your baby as upright as you can while feeding. If you are breastfeeding, nurse often as this will give the baby lots of antibodies to fight off illness. This also ensures your baby is getting plenty of milk.

• Get rid of congestion – Create a steam bath by running the hot water in the shower until the room gets steamy. Sit in the bathroom with your baby for around 15 minutes as it will loosen up mucus and relieve a stuffed nose. A warm bath will do the same job while helping an unsettled baby relax.

• Get that snot out! –use a NoseFrida Aspirator to remove the snot from your baby’s nose. Try this before feeding so baby can drink more milk. You could also use a vaporiser to help humidify the air, making it easier for them to breath. Vapor rubs can help a baby who has a cold sleep better at night. Make sure you buy the baby specific type and check what age it is suitable for. Massage the vapor rub into your child’s feet as the essential oils will be absorbed quicker.

• Seek advice- if your baby is unsettled with a fever, you can ask your doctor whether they are old enough for infant Panadol or Nurofen. If your baby’s snot becomes thick and discoloured or they are pulling at their ears, go to your doctor. Also seek advice if they start wheezing, have trouble breathing, have a chesty cough or are not feeding well.

When your precious poppet is constantly snuffling, sneezing and crying, it can all get a bit worrying. However, there are plenty of things you can do to help bring relief to a baby who has a cold. Make sure they get plenty of rest and fluids too and don’t hesitate in seeing the doctor if their symptoms get worse or they aren’t feeding properly. Caring for a baby with a cold takes a lot of care, but with a bit of time and love, remember, this too will soon pass!

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