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November 01, 2017 2 min read

Having an organised and well stocked nappy bag is a godsend when you find yourself dealing with a messy nappy explosion!! The sheer quantity of things you need to stuff into your nappy bag may seem overwhelming, but you will be grateful you’ve got it when things turn to custard!
Be a Nappy Bag Savvy Mum
Make sure you keep your nappy bag topped up. There’s nothing worse than being caught short without a clean and dry onesie or a fresh nappy when you really need one! What you should put in your nappy bag depends on your baby’s age and how long you are heading out for. Picking out a nappy bag with a wipeable interior is helpful, because you never know what is going to spill in there! Nappy bags with multiple compartments are great as you can keep your camera separate from your water bottle.
What Should You Pack in Your Nappy Bag?
Nappies! Take plenty! You may need around one for each hour you are out, plus a few extras! Be sure to pack wipes as these are worth their weight in gold. They aren’t only for bums, but wiping sticky hands and cleaning up spilt food too. Make sure you always have a stash of plastic bags to put anything dirty, messy or wet into. A changing pad, bottles of formula or expressed milk (if you are bottle feeding) snacks for older babies and toddlers, spare baby clothes, baby food, a spoon, spare clothes, nappy cream, hats, sunscreen, hand sanitiser and bibs are all essential. Be sure to pack a light weight blanket or muslin wrap which can be used for a variety of things – a nursing cover, changing mat, burp cloth or sunshade. You may not want to cart around a separate handbag for yourself, so don’t forget to put your own essentials into the nappy bag – wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, water, nursing pads and snacks.
How Much is Too Much Stuff?
Make sure you don’t overstock your nappy bag, as you don’t want to look like you are heading to the airport! Try to think small. For instance, don’t put a tub of nappy cream in, but a sample tube instead. Keep checking your bag so you aren’t lugging around unnecessary items you don’t need! Don’t pack bulky blankets, but instead dress baby warm and carry a lightweight blanket.
Having a well-stocked nappy bag is important when heading out into the big wide world. Always make sure you have nappies, wipes and a spare pair of clothes as these can save you from having to go home with a half-dressed and crying baby!

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