The rhythms and sounds created inside the womb trigger a baby’s “calming reflex”.  The  “calming reflex” is  the “off” switch for crying and the “on” switch for sleep.

The ǃXun mothers from the Sahara Desert are masters in the art of calming their babies.  They imitate the womb by carrying and rocking their babies 24 hours a day and demand feeding.  Many mums in Western society have similar tricks including  going for car rides, turning on the vacuum cleaner or wearing their baby to help soothe.

Here are our top three !Xun mums tips to turn “on” babies calming reflex.

Swaddling!  Swaddling recreates the feeling of baby being inside the womb. It helps prevent the startle reflex and helps baby sleep longer.  Swaddled babies are more likely to have their calming reflex switched on and stay settled for longer because their arms can’t wriggle around and be woken by their startle reflex.  Miracle blankets are perfect for this solution as babies arms are swaddled down by their side and even Houdini’s find it hard to escape the Miracle blanket . To swaddle correctly, wrap arms straight at the side  but allow enough room for movement of their legs and hips

TIP: Sleeping your baby on their back is the only safe position for sleeping but it is not recommended for calming an unsettled baby.  Holding your baby on their side, on their stomach or over your shoulder will increase your chances of success!

Noise!  Funnily enough, babies don’t need total silence to sleep. In the womb the sound of the blood flow is louder than a vacuum cleaner!   Ocean sounds often fail because they lack the womb’s rumbly quality.  The Lulla Doll imitates the womb with breathing and heartbeat and plays for 8 continuous hours.  The whole reason this doll has mums chatting all over the world!

TIP Initially include your white noise with your other settling techniques.  Come out with all guns blazing!

Darkness!   Darkness is essential to babies sleep. Darkness sends a critical signal to your baby that it is time to rest.  Melatonin, a hormone produced in the brain’s pineal gland, is often known as the “sleep hormone” or the “darkness hormone.” Melatonin influences sleep by sending a signal to the brain that it is time for rest.  As darkness falls, Melatonin levels naturally rise.  Our Easynight blackout blinds are prefect for creating a snoozy environment for your baby and portable enought to take on holiday too!

TIP:  Our sleep consultant Amanda Bude always tells us to think of the sunset colours when choosing your nightlight as those colours will have the least effect on melatonin levels – we have Groeggs and Bloom vaporisers perfect for this job!