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June 27, 2016 3 min read

I am often asked “which tog should I choose for my baby in the winter?”

Once you know the temperature in your baby’s room and have a basic understanding of togs …. you will never ask your husband these questions again!!!

Is it hot or cold tonight?

Is he warm enough do you think?

Are you cold or are you hot?

Does this sound like you?  It was most certainly me when my babyies were a little younger.

The Gro Company are of course the original makers of the Baby Sleeping bag and mums know this brand so well and trust it BUT it is a UK brand and every family in the UK (if they can afford it) run a heater 24/7 in the winter or at least at night. This has meant that until recently The Gro Company have only produced 2.5 togs (for temps between 18-21 degree in baby’s room). 3 winters ago Grobag released a 3.5 tog. This has been perfect for Aussie mums as there are a lot of families here who try not to run a heater through the night.

ergoPouch (an Australian company) were the first company to bring out the 3.5 tog and I honestly believe they saw the need for this tog from an Australia point of view. I am a huge fan of the ergoPouch as they are made of 100% cotton or bamboo mix and wash and wear so well. This means they don’t lose their warmth, especially important if you plan to hand them down to the next bubba. Polyester filling does mean quicker drying times but does thin over time too.

The 3.5 tog is perfect for temps below 18 degrees in baby’s room.  I use to live in Brisbane in a house (not a Unit) and the temps in my little one’s room would drop to 9 quite often. I would still dress baby very warmly under a 3.5 tog on those nights.  When I used a 2.5 tog in Brisbane (there were no 3.5 togs back then) my little ones looked like sumo wrestlers going to bed!  They had so many layers on.  That was Brisbane so needless to say the majority of Australian babies need a 3.5 tog (if heating is not used).

To keep it in perspective, most adults doonas are 12 tog!  They don’t make baby sleeping bags warmer than 3.5 tog due to the risk of overheating and I often hear mums say that there baby is a hot and sweaty sleeper which is why it is important to put your baby to bed in fabrics that breathe!

There is also the issue of putting baby down in the early evening when the temperatures really haven’t dropped that much and they don’t need to be dressed so warmly. If you can put an extra layer on your baby instead, when you go to bed yourself, it may well save you from baby waking between 2-4am from being cold.

The arms on the latest suits can be a little tricky as a sleeping bag with arms can take your options away for dressing them warmer.  It is difficult to get more layers underneath the sleeves.  That’s why Love to Dream and ergoPouch have the arm warmers. They are easy to pop on over the top as your are going to bed and when the temps have a dropped a little.


Please post any questions you need answered right here

Sleep Tight Babies stocks ergoPouch, Love to Dream and Grobag

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