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March 25, 2017 1 min read

Safe Sleep with the Lulla Doll

The Lulla doll is thoroughly safety tested to be suitable for babies from birth. The whole design was made with safety in mind. The doll is very light, made from natural materials, has no loose items nor toxic chemicals.

The sound is set at a safe volume of 65db but is clearly audible even from a short distance. The benefits of the doll can be experienced even though the doll is placed away from the baby.

Pediatric guidelines all over the world do not recommend that caregivers have loose items in the babies sleep environment from birth to 12 months. With this is mind the Lulla doll is designed to be a crib-attachment, with velcro straps hidden in a pocket on its back for easy attachment to most cribs, car seats, strollers and other carriers.

We strongly recommend that from birth to 12 months the doll is kept away from the face and is not loose in the crib during sleep.
Although, sleeping arrangements are always at the caregivers discretion.


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