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Wrap Your Little One Up Tight when You Buy a Baby Swaddle Made for Perth Parents

May 28, 2019 2 min read

Newborn babies have been swaddled tight for centuries around the world, especially in eastern cultures where it has long been the norm. While it has taken some time to become mainstream in the West, many parents are now adopting this practice to help their babies sleep longer and with greater peace of mind. When you purchase a baby swaddle available in Perth from Sleep Tight Babies, you too may be able to reap the benefits of a better night’s sleep—both for you and your baby.

How a Baby Wrap or Swaddle Helps Your Baby Sleep Longer
When done properly, swaddling can be a lifesaver for parents and is a safe sleep solution. Babies love the feeling of being securely wrapped, and in many instances, it can help soothe fussy or colicky infants as well. Traditional swaddling methods typically involve a lot of tricky tucking and wrapping, which can be difficult with a squirmy newborn, especially when mum or dad are feeling groggy and sleep-deprived. Thankfully, there are now several products on the market that help make this process far easier than in the past. However, with so many new swaddling options available for parents looking for a swaddling blanket or baby wrap in the Perth area, finding the perfect one for your baby may feel like a challenge.

The Miracle Blanket available from Sleep Tight Babies is a swaddling blanket that is both sleep consultant and paediatrician recommended. This swaddle is intended to ease fussiness in newborns from birth through 14 weeks and comes with abdominal support to assist babies who are experiencing colic or other tummy troubles. Older babies may benefit from other kinds of sleep aids, such as a Lulla Doll or Sleepytot companion. These will your little one will feel comforted throughout the night, allowing mum and dad the opportunity to get a better night’s sleep. You can buy these along with your baby swaddle for Perth delivery when you order from Sleep Tight Babies.

Where to Buy a Swaddling Blanket or Baby Wrap Available for Perth
Sleep Tight Babies is an Australia-based family company that is committed to providing parents with quality products for quality infant care. Whether you are a sleep-deprived mum desperate for a sleep solution that works, or you’re a grandparent or friend looking for the perfect shower gift, we pride ourselves on offering a unique product line geared toward making life easier for both parents and their little ones. When you order your Miracle Blanket, Love to Dream or other baby swaddle online, you will also enjoy our $7 flat rate shipping to Perth or anywhere else nationwide, and shipping is free on all orders over $100. Be sure to check out our SAVE! Sleep packages as well for additional ways you can save on your next purchase.

If you’re looking for a baby swaddle available in Perth that will help soothe your baby and provide greater peace of mind, we are happy to assist you in making your decision. Contact Sleep Tight Babies today to find out more about the Miracle Blanket and our other quality sleep aids.

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