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Tips to Help Baby Sleep and Where to Buy a Comforter, Sleep Aid, or Sleep Toy in Australia

May 28, 2019 2 min read

A few lucky parents have babies who seem to form a regular sleep routine right from the start. However, for many parents, this isn’t the case. Newborn babies rarely sleep more than a few hours at a time. That’s partly because they need nourishment more often than adults, as their stomachs are so small they can’t consume enough at once to sustain them for very long. However, as babies grow, it’s essential to help them develop healthy sleep habits – and maximise the amount of rest parents can get, too. If your baby is having trouble sleeping, try a few of these tips for sleepier nights and naptimes.

Try swaddling

For the first few months of life, babies have a natural startle reflex, which causes the sensation of falling and sudden, jerky movements. This startle reflex can wake your baby up from a sound sleep. You can keep babies from startling themselves awake by swaddling them securely. Buy a baby comforter in Australia and wrap your baby snugly to help them fall and stay asleep.

Feed your baby right before you go to bed

How many times have you finally drifted off into a peaceful sleep, only to have your baby wake up less than an hour later? For your baby’s first few months, try feeding your baby right before you go to sleep. This strategy can help you get the maximum amount of sleep at one time.

Try white noise

White noise such as a fan (not blowing directly on baby) can be a helpful tool for sleep at home and when you travel. Another excellent sleep aid that helps babies sleep is the sound of a beating heart – the sound that comforted them around the clock for months before they were born, helping them feel safe, secure, and close to mum.

Limit the length of baby’s naps

Babies need naps, but when their naps last too long, it can interfere with their night-time slumber. Try to limit daytime naps to no more than a couple of hours or so before waking baby to eat and play. Breaking up daytime sleep can help with sleeping longer at night.

Establish a pre-sleep routine

Babies thrive on structure and routine. Dependable routines provide comfort and consistency in an unpredictable world. Create a pre-nap such as cuddling and singing a sleepy song, and a more extended bedtime routine that may include a bath, a story, a feeding, a sleep toy, and swaddling. Following the same routine each time will help establish sleep cues that help baby drift off.

Where to buy a baby sleep comforter in Australia

If you’re looking for a baby sleep aid or baby sleep toy in Australia to help your little one get more of the beneficial sleep they need, Sleep Tight Babies can help. With a unique range of products designed to help babies (and parents) fall asleep more easily and stay asleep longer, we help make parenting easier. Contact Sleep Tight Babies for more information on any of our excellent products.

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