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Why You Should Buy a Baby Wrap or Baby Swaddle Available for Sydney Delivery

May 28, 2019 2 min read

For babies, there is nothing that can quite compare to a mother’s nurturing warmth. That’s why for centuries, cultures around the world have tried to mimic this soothing touch by swaddling their newborns tightly at night. If you are struggling with a fussy baby or difficult sleeper, you may wish to consider the following reasons to buy a baby swaddle available for Sydney families from Sleep Tight Babies.

Reasons Why Newborns Love to Be Wrapped Tight in a Baby Swaddle

While some newborn babies sleep like a dream from the time they arrive from the hospital, for most parents this is usually not the case. Newborns can be fussy, especially during the first six to eight weeks of life. For many babies, this fussiness tends to peak during the evening and can lead to hours of interrupted sleep for parents and the rest of the household. In cases like these, sometimes the only thing that will work is to swaddle.

Many parents these days are advised to swaddle their newborn infants to keep them calm and help them sleep for longer periods. Swaddling helps to mimic the secure tightness that your little one experienced while in the womb and suppresses the natural startle reflex that all babies have. Very small babies also struggle with regulating their body temperature, so a secure wrap is often advised to keep them warm throughout the night.

However beneficial swaddling may be, the old-fashioned method taught to new mums at Sydney hospitals using a receiving blanket can be challenging to master, and especially squirmy tots may still find a way to free their arms even when done properly. That is why newer swaddling products, such as the Miracle Blanket available from Sleep Tight Babies, help make safe swaddling easier than ever before.

The Miracle Blanket allows parents to securely swaddle their babies so that they can lay flat on their backs, which is considered the safest sleeping position to lower the risk of SIDS. It also makes breastfeeding easier for nursing mums and contains abdominal support to relieve the symptoms of colic in young infants. That is why so many paediatricians recommend using the Miracle Blanket as a secure and effective baby swaddle that Sydney parents can use for the first 14 weeks of life.

Buying a Miracle Blanket Swaddle or Other Baby Wrap for Sydney Delivery
When you purchase a Miracle Blanket swaddle, or any other baby wrap available for Sydney delivery through Sleep Tight Babies, you can rest assured that you are buying a quality product intended to provide your little one with the very best care. As a family-based company, we pride ourselves on selecting safe and effective infant care products that help to improve the lives of parents and children alike. In addition to the Miracle Blanket, we also provide other innovative infant sleep aids, including the soothing Lulla Baby heartbeat doll or the Sleepytot lamb or bunny comforter that doubles a dummy holder.

We are happy to assist with any questions you may have before you decide to buy a baby swaddle for your Sydney family or any of our other products. Simply contact us today and allow us to help you and your baby have a peaceful night’s rest.

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