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Not Just for Babies: Shift Worker Blackout Blind in Brisbane

May 30, 2019 1 min read

Sleep Tight Babies is an online-based store for all your baby’s sleep needs, but that doesn’t mean we’re just for babies. Our products are useful for older children and adults as well. Babies aren’t the only ones that benefit from a good night’s sleep.

Recent studies have shown how vital sleep is to our overall health. Of course, getting restful sleep helps you be productive and alert, but other benefits are less apparent. For example, being well rested helps your immune system fight off disease and enables you to maintain a healthy weight.

Work schedules as an adult can make it hard to sleep. If you are a shift worker that requires a blackout blind in Brisbane, you need to sleep during the day and you know how hard it is. Humans are hardwired to be awake when it’s light out, but our Easynight Blackout Blind can help any shift worker get a good day’s sleep.

Easynight Blackout Blinds come in cream or white and black and block out 100% of light. They are easy to take up and down because you can apply them with suction cups or Velcro strips which you can cut to the size of the window. For more information on Easynight Blackout Blinds learn more here.

Sleep Tight Babies ships anywhere. If you’re a new mum in Sydney or a shift worker in Brisbane, we can help. Be sure to browse our other products because we offer free shipping on orders over $100 in Australia. If you have questions, just let us know.

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