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The Benefits of Window Blackout Blinds for Babies in Adelaide, Sydney, or Melbourne

May 28, 2019 2 min read

How to achieve window blackout for your Adelaide, Melbourne, or Sydney nursery may not be the first thing on your checklist when you’re preparing for your new baby, but maybe it should be. Before babies are born, they live in a completely dark environment all day, every day, hearing the rhythmic sound of Mum’s heart beating and the swishing sound of her circulation. Exposure to light during the day and dark at night is essential to helping babies begin to produce melatonin and develop regulated sleep cycles. That means that darkness at night and during daytime naps helps them get enough sleep and develop a healthy routine.

Particularly if your baby is a light sleeper, a product for window blackout in Melbourne, Sydney, or Adelaide can be extremely helpful. Blackout blinds help babies get all the sleep they need, which is vital to their optimal health.

Window blackout in Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide from Sleep Tight Babies
At Sleep Tight babies, we provide quality products for parents in Australia. One of our most popular items is our portable blackout blinds. EasyNight Blackout Blinds offer numerous benefits to parents and babies alike, such as:

Blocking out all light and glare. These blackout shades block out sunlight, streetlights, and any other light coming from outside, creating the perfect space for a good night’s sleep or a sound nap.
Encouraging maximum sleep. Babies need a lot of sleep, and the best way to help them achieve it is to create the right environment – dark, soothing, and peaceful.
Completely portable. Our blackout blinds are easy to take with you when you travel. No matter where your baby naps, you can cover the windows to block out light and make a comforting and sleep-inducing environment with a few simple steps.
Aesthetically appealing. EasyNight Blackout Blinds come in white, cream, or black to suit any décor.
Reduces outside noise. Blackout shades are a tightly woven fabric that absorbs more noise than other window treatments, quieting sound and helping baby stay asleep.
Energy efficiency. Our blackout blinds are not only good for your baby, but they’re also good for your budget and the environment. By helping keep hot or cold air out, they can help you maintain a constant indoor temperature year-round, saving money and energy.
Easy to move to any window. You can cut these blinds to fit most any window and moving them is as simple as moving the suction cups.
About Sleep Tight Babies

Sleep Tight Babies is an Australian family-owned online store offering high-quality baby products that help make parenting easier. We pride ourselves on friendly, effective customer service and love talking with our customers and providing all the information they need. When you shop with us, you’ll enjoy our $7 flat rate shipping, $10 flat rate express shipping, and free shipping on orders over $100. Create the perfect sleep environment for your little one with our EasyNight Blackout Blinds today. Contact Sleep Tight Babies to learn more.

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