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June 24, 2019 2 min read

Perth is a bustling city where new babies come into the world quite frequently. The growing population is filling the sandy beaches that line the city suburbs, and all those new little lives behold the wonders of Western Australia. Eventually, they will become productive citizens but first, they must sleep, and sleep can be quite daunting in the first few months of life. Teaching a new baby to sleep on their own, and getting them to sleep through the night, can be a challenge. There are many baby sleep products available, and sometimes a baby sleep aid is necessary to calm infants who refuse to sleep alone or who may have colic. An infant may prefer a baby sleep comforter to help them drift off to la la land.

A Better Sleep Comforter for Baby Available in Perth
Sleep Tight Babies offers many safe and beautiful baby sleep products to parents across Australia.
One of our best baby sleep products is the Lulla Doll. Research shows that babies tend to learn about the outside world by associating the things around them with what the heard and felt in utero, which is why they enjoy swaddling. However, the Lulla Doll offers an unparalleled experience that babies seem to love. There is no other baby sleep comforter in Perth like the Lulla Doll. Lulla features eight full hours of a real-life heartbeat and breathing that can help them settle in and drift off to sleep. This is not a thirty-minute wrap around that cuts off before your baby loses interest. Instead, it’s a genuine recording of a yoga mum’s heartbeat and breathing that makes babies feel safe and comfortable, so they settle down and drift off to sleep. Lulla is a successful and practical baby sleep aid for babies and could quickly become their favourite toy.

Blackout Your Windows and Help the Little One sleep

When you are fighting fatigue, sometimes you must think outside the box, or in this case, the window. Our portable Easynight Blackout Blinds are great for nurseries to help ensure the daylight only enters when you’ve had your rest. They are available in creamy white or black to complement décor, and they are easily cut to fit. These Blackout Blinds go up simply with suction cups or 3mm strips, so moving them is a breeze. Sleep is essential for you to, and your baby and these blinds can help ensure that you don’t have to skip naps. If you have a baby in Perth and you need to buy a baby comforter, browse our shop today. We have high-quality exclusive products that will make your baby feel secure and comfortable, so you can both get some sleep.

We proudly offer free shipping in Australia for any order over $100, and we have a fair returns policy. As a small Australian family business, we commit ourselves to the quality we offer you and welcome any questions. Reach out if you need more information or have any questions. We’d love to hear from you.

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