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June 30, 2019 2 min read

When you have a baby shower to attend, it can be tricky to figure out the perfect gift. Baby sleep products in Adelaide make excellent baby gifts whether mum is expecting a girl or a boy. New parents struggle with sleep deprivation for months while baby grows and develops a regular sleep schedule. In the meantime, a sleep aid such as a baby sleep comforter or swaddling blanket helps tremendously in comforting baby and assisting parents to get the rest they need. Here are a few ideas for you’re the next baby shower gift you need to buy.

A Lulla Doll

If you haven’t seen the Lulla Doll, it’s time to check it out. These soft, cuddly dolls play eight hours of real-life heartbeat and breathing sounds to help baby get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. New parents will appreciate having help when it comes to regulating baby’s sleep schedule and managing to sleep enough themselves. Often, you’ll find a sleep aid designed to play heartbeat sounds that will play only for a half-hour or so, but the authentic Lulla Doll from Sleep Tight Babies plays all night long, helping babies fall back asleep should they awaken. Lulla Dolls are also great for grandparents and other caregivers, helping them soothe young babies in their parents’ absence. Anything that helps babies sleep better is a lifesaver for exhausted new parents, and the Lulla Doll will be a welcome gift at any baby shower.

A Miracle Blanket

Swaddling can provide babies with the comfort and security they crave and the beneficial sleep they need. The Miracle Blanket is a baby sleep comforter in Adelaide that allows you to swaddle your infant in a natural, hands-down position that will help them feel snuggled and warm and ready for sleep. Swaddling is perfect for babies up to 14 weeks old, making the Miracle Blanket an excellent gift for an expectant mother. The best-selling swaddling blanket worldwide, the Miracle Blanket provides abdominal support for babies with colic and is recommended by paediatricians. Give the gift of a baby sleep aid in Adelaide with the Miracle Blanket.

A Rockit

A Sleep Tight Babies exclusive; the Rockit has the unique function of keeping a stroller rocking even when it stops to keep baby relaxed and calm. This innovative product runs for 30 minutes continuously, perfect for allowing parents to unpack groceries, eat a meal, or play with an older child while the sleeping baby in the stroller is rocked gently and without interruption. When baby is sleeping soundly in their stroller, there’s no need to wake them when the stroller stops; the Rockit helps them stay soundly asleep, finishing the nap they need and helping parents to get more done.

Where to buy a baby comforter in Adelaide
You can find these shower gifts and more at Sleep Tight Babies, an Australian family-owned business offering sleep aids and other quality products that make parenting easier. Help new parents care for their babies with Sleep Tight Babies. Contact us here to learn more.

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