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Buy a Baby Swaddle or Wrap in Brisbane from Sleep Tight Babies

May 28, 2019 2 min read

Sleep Tight Babies is an online store for all your baby supplies. We offer sleep aids, toys, nursery supplies, and feeding tools but no nursery is complete without a swaddle. It is one of the simplest yet most effective means to transition your newborn into the world. Wrap or swaddle your baby tight to soothe and comfort during the day or through the night.

Benefits of a Wrap to Swaddle Your Baby

Entering the world is quite a change for your baby. For nine months, your baby was cuddled tightly in your womb. The freedom to stretch out their arms and legs might seem like a welcomed adjustment, but sometimes a baby wants to be reminded of the safe confines of the womb. Wrap your baby in a swaddle to help with the change.

Swaddles imitate the tight quarters that nurtured the infant before birth. The feeling comforts the baby allowing him or her to sleep more soundly. When your baby sleeps more soundly, you get a better night’s sleep too. As a new parent, you know that every bit of rest helps you be a great parent when you’re awake.

Swaddling helps control the Moro Reflex. The Moro Reflex occurs when babies feel physically insecure like when they’re about to fall. The baby’s arms will instinctually reach out and try to grasp. Swaddling helps by making the baby feel physically secure. If the swaddling includes the baby’s arms, it can also prevent the involuntary arm movements of the Moro Reflex which can wake the infant.

Swaddling helps babies with colic. The excessive crying of colic is believed to be caused by digestive issues and abdominal discomfort. Swaddling applies gentle pressure to the abdomen which can help make your baby’s tummy feel better.

Buy a Baby Swaddle and Ship to Brisbane
Sleep Tight Babies has several different swaddles for your selection. The Miracle Blanket is the best-selling item in the world. It is large enough to continue comforting babies until 14 weeks. To learn more about the Miracle Blanket see more here.

Once a baby gets a little older, you don’t want to wrap a baby tight in a swaddle. The Sleepy Hugs Swaddle is a great solution to shift from being enfolded tightly to having more freedom to move. These comforters are safe for babies that can roll over and you can use them with babies even over a year old.
The Love to Dream Swaddle is the most versatile comforter and is easy to use. The Love to Dream Swaddle just zips right up. When your baby is ready for more arm movement, you can remove the arms to allow more freedom and use it as a sleeping bag!

Swaddles also make great gifts for showers or your first visit to see the baby. If you are still unsure which wrap will best suit your needs, we can help. Just contact us. We can ship your baby swaddle anywhere from Brisbane to Perth or any place in between.

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