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Benefits of Swaddling and Where to Buy a Baby Swaddle or Wrap in Australia

May 28, 2019 2 min read

The ability of swaddling to help calm and soothe babies has been known for centuries around the world, but it’s more recently that we gained the scientific evidence to prove it. Swaddling is a useful and gentle practice, and it’s highly beneficial. Swaddling recreates a familiar environment, the warm, secure, cosy feeling of being in the womb. It also helps prevent sudden movements that cause the startle reflex, waking baby up.

Provide comfort for a crying baby

Swaddling is beneficial for babies and parents alike – especially because it helps to soothe an unhappy little one. Swaddling your baby securely can comfort them enough to quiet their tears, particularly in young babies in their first couple of months. A few simple folds of a blanket and your baby feels more secure, comforted, and calmer.

Babies (and parents) enjoy a longer, deeper sleep

When you wrap your baby securely, they may sleep longer and more soundly. Newborns sleep a lot – unfortunately, they don’t typically sleep a lot at one time. Swaddling can help them stay asleep longer and make it easier for them to get back to sleep if they do wake. That means parents may make fewer trips out of bed in the middle of the night and baby will get more of the rest their bodies and brains need for proper development.

Swaddled babies are at less risk of SIDS

Babies who are swaddled appear to have a lower risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), while those who sleep on their stomachs have a higher risk. A swaddled infant asleep on their back will be more likely to stay securely in that position and enjoy a comfortable and safe night’s sleep.

Buy a baby swaddle in Australia from Sleep Tight Babies

At Sleep Tight Babies, we’re parents ourselves, so we’re passionate about providing effective and safe products that make your job as a parent easier. We offer a range of products designed to help babies sleep soundly and safely. If you’d like to buy a baby wrap in Australia, our Miracle Blanket is the preferred swaddle of sleep consultants for babies up to 14 weeks. The Miracle Blanket provides hands-down swaddling comfort as well as abdominal support for babies with colic.

We also offer a range of other sleep products for babies and parents, including the Lulla Doll, which provides eight hours of real-life recorded heartbeat that helps babies settle to sleep and stay asleep longer. The sound of Mum’s heartbeat comforts babies before they’re born, and the Lulla Doll gives them this comfort back throughout their baby and toddler years, helping them achieve sounder sleep.

Sleep Tight Babies is an Australian-owned family business with a passion for providing parents with great products that work. Our unique product range is designed to help you soothe your little one for happy days and peaceful nights. Contact Sleep Tight Babies for more information.

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