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Meditate Mate + Mini Bundle

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Meditate Mate was designed as a sleep aid to help create a calm and peaceful bedtime for you and your child, while also introducing the practice of meditation that has a wide range of benefits including improved behavior, better sleep, increased focus and help reduce anxiety.

Meditate Mate is a cute cuddly toy designed for children to help them ease themselves to sleep with a 7 minute guided meditation and 20 minutes of music.


The Meditate Mate Monkey comes with a 7 minute guided meditation followed by 20 minutes of music to help your child relax and drift off to sleep. The meditation is spoken softly by a child and helps your own child focus on their breathing while being mindful on what they’re grateful for, promoting clear thought to aid sleep and calmness.


Meditate Mate comes with three adjustable sound volumes that work in with your sleep routine. As your child gets used to the meditation they may ask for it on a lower level or if they want to take it to bed and cuddle then a lower volume is ideal.


The Meditate Mate Monkey is a soft plush toy designed to aid children to relax and calm themselves at bedtime. It has a single 7 minute guided meditation followed by soft music that children can listen to and drift off to sleep or will assist with being mindful. The total meditation time is 30 minutes.

The little Mini Mate can be taken on the go. Just a little reminder to take a few mindful breaths to calm an anxious mind. 

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