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Gender Reveal Exploding Soccer Ball Set

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Your soccer gender reveal balls are a MUST HAVE gender reveal idea for soccer fans!

An interactive, showstopper making the perfect gender reveal. Kick our ball into the air for an explosion of colourful blue or pink powder. An unforgettable memory to be treasured by you & your loved ones!

Set includes 1 Soccer ball. 1x Pink and 1x blue powder packets.

Size: 6 Inches.

Easy Assembly - Kit comes complete with shells, powder packets, and adhesive tabs to join the ball together. Carefully add the powder into one half of the shell and close with the other half.

Powder is flour-based and therefore FREE of any dangerous chemicals. Our biodegradable powder will not cause harm to humans or the environment. No Mess No Fuss! Quick and easy cleanup! Suitable for outdoor use.

NOTE - Bare-footed kicking not advised - wear shoes that are easily washable or shoes you're not afraid to get dirty!

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to disassemble, modify or repair any part of this product. Do not aim at people, animals or into exposed electrical wiring. To stay safe and achieve the best results, aim your Golf Ball towards the sky. We do not recommend use by children. This is not a toy! Baby Beats carries no responsibility of how customers ultimately use these goods.

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