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doddl 3 Piece Cutlery, Case & Plate Bundle

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Save 20% with this bundle which includes a doddl toddler spoon, fork and knife cutlery set, toddler cutlery case and ergonomic plate.

doddl will intuitively teach your child to eat independently, all by themselves, in minutes, boosting their confidence at every mealtime and is 5-star rated by over 10,000 parents worldwide.

doddl toddler cutlery (12+ months)

Intuitive to use: Cleverly engineered handles are easy to grip and designed to make it easy for your child to use successfully within minutes. Less food waste and mess. Built for an easy transition to adult cutlery when your child is ready.

Safe: Knife has a clever blade design suitable for young children. Metal utensil ends are highly functional and certified safe.

Comfortable to hold: Handles are comfortable to hold. The colourful soft touch areas encourage development of the ‘pincer’ grip, an advanced motor skill. Knife handle sits perfectly in your child’s palm, making it easy to push down through food.

The doddl toddler plate

Biodegradable with expert design features. High quality with a ‘grown up’ look. Helps transition from a bowl to a plate. Easy to use and dishwasher safe. Helps develop key motor skills. Highly recommended by experts and parents.

Engineered for a child: The wide flat front offers easy access to food with cutlery, with more of the plate sitting in front of your child. Splat focuses your child’s eye to the middle of the plate, where chopping should take place.

Intuitive to use: The gently raised back helps keep food on the plate and offers your child a surface to push their food against as they start to practise cutlery skills.

Non-slip base: Base has a non-slip rim, keeping the plate stable and in position.

doddl products are highly recommended by Feeding & Development Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists and parents.

Please note: All doddl plates are available in Aqua, please select the colour for your toddler knife, fork and spoon set which is available in either Aqua, Indigo or Magenta.

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