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Comotomo Silicone Bottle 250ml

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COMOTOMO Soft Hygienic Baby Bottles!
The whole reason we stock this amazing product….
When it was time for my second bub to head off to daycare when I returned to work once again, I didn’t realise the problems I was about to face getting the little munchkin to have his milky from a bottle!!
We tried every brand possible that I could find on the shelves. He was breastfed and did not take to the bottle thing one bit. After the amount of money I had spent on trying different brands, I began to widen my search and came across Comotomo, I thought what the hell, let’s try this one too!

The day it arrived I was so excited I opened it up and tried to give it to bub myself (usually this would not work as he would prefer the boob if I am close) …. to my surprise he guzzled the whole lot down!
This was at 6 months of age, he is still breastfed now at 2 years of age and will happily switch from Comotomo at daycare to boob at home.

Thank Goodness for this product! Happy Baby, Happy Mummy!!

The 250ml Comotomo bottle comes with a medium-flow nipple, recommended for babies 3 months and up.

Comotomo natural feel baby bottles replicate the feeling of breastfeeding for bub like no other bottle available on the market. They are soft and squishy just like mum’s boobie.
The teat has been designed for a better latch. Ideal for babies who are fed both breast milk and formula, or expressed breastmilk, or have trouble transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.

Easy to clean with no hard to reach areas! Another bonus!



Due to hygiene reasons Bottles and Teats are unable to be returned for refund or exchange.


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