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Safe T Sleep FAQ

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is a baby wrap that goes hand in hand with responsible, nurturing parenting and supervision skills. The Sleepwrap baby wrap secures around most mattresses anywhere in the world and has an attached separate piece for around baby’s torso. Suitable from newborn – 2 years old, the Sleepwrap simply goes over whatever baby wears to bed and comes in various bed sizes.

Key Benefits of the Original Safe T Sleep® Sleepwrap® baby wrap as follows:

  • Helps newborn infants to sleep safely on the back and allows older babies out of the high Cot Death/SIDS/SUDI risk period to side sleep and/or in their desired sleep positions.
  • Natural, comfortable movement especially of limbs and hips for healthy development
  • Restful, safe sleep for baby and peace of mind for you
  • Natural 100% cotton, warm in winter, cool in summer. Only 0.27 TOG rating – highly breathable natural fabric
  • Washable and easy to use. Simply goes over all types of baby swaddling wraps, sleepwear, baby sleep suits and baby sleeping bags
  • Helps keep face and head clear to comply with International safer sleeping guidelines to prevent suffocation/Cot Death/SIDS/SUDI
  • Helps prevent cot/crib and bed falls by giving a few extra moments to a waking baby
  • Ideal for positioning babies with Reflux, Acid Reflux, Gerd, colds, colic, respiratory problems etc
  • Helps prevent Flat Head/Plagiocephaly/PWS
  • Easy and safer transition from bassinet, bed side co-sleeper bassinet or baby hammock to cot/crib and the transition from cot/crib to the ‘big bed’
  • Great for travelling, visiting, camping and boating with babies newborn to 2years old
  • Economical as the ‘safe usage’ period is 1 child, from newborn to 2years old
  • Versatile, convenient, comfortable and safe for sleeping babies 

For full resources on Safe T Sleep please visit https://www.safetsleep.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions

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