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Myscar *The Active* Caesarean silicone strips

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This is a 3 month supply

Silicone strips are the gold standard, non-invasive, proven option for treating and improving scars.

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Recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and doctors for both the prevention and treatment of abnormal scars. Feel empowered in your scar recovery.

Begin your rehabilitation from as early as 6 weeks post caesarean / operation.

"The Active" Caesarean silicone strips are washable! For those mothers intending to be more active while their caesarean scar rehabilitates.

Wash light sweat, stains, and marks off to get the most out of your breathable, flexible, soft sheets of premium 100% medical-grade silicone strips.

These strips provide a slightly thicker, more durable strip than "The Original" Caesarean silicone strips. Perfect for mothers who intend to take their strip off more than once a day. Each box contains 6 silicone strips, each strip reusable for up to 2 weeks.

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