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Why Does the Baby Shusher Work?

June 11, 2015 2 min read

Babies spend 9 months in the womb, with amniotic fluid and Mum’s pulse swishing around them. Once they are born, this swishing sound is suddenly gone. It’s only natural that a shushing noise would soothe them. A shush sound is very similar to what they are used to – it is comforting, soothing, and rhythmic (when done with the shusher). The shusher provides an effortless way of shushing your baby so that they can calm down, relax, and feel comfortable enough to sleep.

The Baby Shusher is based upon leading US pediatrician, Dr Karp’s 5 S’s (author of the Happiest Baby on the Block). Please google him! He shows the shushing in action many times over and will also talk about the 5 S’s when settling a baby SHUSHING, SWADDLING, SIDE, SWAYING and SUCKING.

Some babies may need 1 or 2 of these techniques to settle and others may need all 5! Babies up until the age of 6 months can only do one thing at a time. When baby cries, the Baby Shusher is turned up loud enough to catch baby’s attention. The volume will reach 95 dBs, which is the same volume of inutero noises (similar to a loud vacuum cleaner). The Baby Shusher catches baby’s attention and because baby can only do one thing at time, the crying stops and babies calming reflex is triggered by the loud rhythmic shushing.

Did you know that we are all born with this calming reflex? As adults we find it harder to activate as we have other everyday stresses we are dealing with .. but it’s there! You too will find the shusher relaxing – Many a husband has fallen asleep whilst putting their little ones to bed while the shusher is on.

The shushing is not synthesized and is, in fact, the shush of the Dad who invented this little device. The rhythmic shushing engages baby’s calming reflex and you will quickly start to see the signs of sleepiness. At this point the volume can be turned down to match baby’s relaxed state or it can be left at the same volume until bubs is completely asleep.

Now, some babies will stop crying immediately when the shushing is loud and catches their attention, whilst others may take a little longer to do so and if you are not comfortable to allow baby to cry, try to apply another soothing methods at the same time …. rocking, singing, a soother or swaddling.

When trialed in the US 80% of babies who never been exposed to the shusher before responded instantly. That is pretty amazing statistics. We find it just gets better the more your baby adjusts to it.

Taking all of this into account, volume and positioning are very important. The Baby Shusher needs to be within 2 feet of bubs with the speaker pointing towards baby’s ears as per the pictures. The Baby Shusher does not need to be, nor recommended to be, right up against baby’s ear! If you baby is older than 6 months it is recommended that you use the Baby Shusher in conjunction with other bedtime routines until baby adjusts. Try alternating the volume until you get the volume your baby or toddler enjoys settling to.


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