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March 05, 2019 1 min read

Toilet training tips….

⭐️ Choose your timing wisely

⭐️ Start at any time of the year

⭐️ Don’t compare your child to any other – We are all different

⭐️ Let them choose their own My Carry Potty or My Little Trainer Seat

⭐️ Keep to a routine as much as possible

⭐️ Let the daycare and family know that you are toilet training. Advise them of your methods so that you can work together consistently.

⭐️ Use a reward chart or reward box for extra encouragement

⭐️ Give lots of praise

⭐️ Get them to carry their potty with them everywhere they go. This gives your child a sense of security.

⭐️ Be organised! If you are going out take spare clothes.

⭐️ Reduce liquids 30 mins before bedtime

⭐️ Don’t revert back to Nappies unless under special circumstances

⭐️ Patience pays, don’t give up

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