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May 12, 2020 2 min read

Does your little one get scared of the dark or feel there are monsters under the bed?

These monsters have been around for generations and something as parents we need to deal with each bedtime for some! 

Monsters under the bed are no laughing matter. Big and furry, sleek and slimy, they have been a common childhood fear for generations. As parents we know they don’t exist but convincing a three-year-old there are no monsters under the bed is another story indeed! We’ve put together some great tips on how to banish those bedroom monsters once and for all!


Chances are, when you were little, there was something scary living under your bed. Maybe it was the boogieman, a character from TV or an alien from outer space. For generations kids have been afraid that something scary hides under their bed, just waiting for the chance to grab them.

In some cases, this has been caused by parents, who sick of their kids not sleeping, telling them that the boogieman will come if they don’t go to sleep. Or if you lived in Latin America, the Sack Man will bundle you up and take you away if you are naughty.

Then again, some researchers say we have been pre-programmed to be afraid of the night. Child psychologist Laura Kauffman says, “Night time triggers a lot of fears in children (and adults, for that matter). I think, as humans, we are troubled and startled by the dark because we cannot see well.

The more primitive part of our brain, the limbic system, is focused upon looking out for signs of trouble, and I believe that it is on hyper-alert when it is dark and vision is poor. When the limbic system is in this hyper-alert phase, we are prone to perceive threats in instances where none exists.” But whatever the reason, we as parents need a great arsenal to deal with these monsters!


Have you ever heard of monster spray? Often a mixture of water and a suitable essential oil in a spray bottle, it is sprayed around a bed at night to scare away monsters. This technique helps put the child in control of their fear, giving them the power. Having your child create signs which tell monsters to stay away also gives them the control too. Other ways parents banish monsters include:

  • Throwing them out in rubbish bags
  • Checking under the bed and in the wardrobe before bedtime
  • Watch ‘nice’ monster movies
  • Use a nightlight and calming lullaby such as The Aroma Snooze
  • Fight the monsters with foam swords
  • Move your child’s bed so they can see out the door at night
  • Have a stuffed toy stay on duty watching for monsters at night
How have you dealt with monsters under the bed? We’d love to know! Please share with us your tricks that have worked and don’t forget to purchase your monster spray essential oil!! I love the dispel blend too!

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