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July 06, 2019 2 min read

Babies under a year of age are notoriously difficult sleepers. Part of the reason for this is since they are still adjusting to life outside the comfort and safety of the womb. Other reasons may include discomforts caused by teething or external factors in the sleep environment. To help your baby settle more easily into a better sleep pattern, you may consider getting a baby sleep comforter, available for Sydney families from Sleep Tight Babies. Here’s some information parents should know before buying a sleep comforter or companion for their little one.

Tips for Helping Your Baby Sleep Longer Using a Sleep Comforter or Companion
Sleep safety is understandably one of the biggest concerns parents have when considering getting a comforter, lovey, or other sleep companion for their baby. Many dads and mums just aren’t sure at what age these sleep aids are appropriate to use or how to ensure that their baby remains safe when placed in the crib or bassinet. To lower the risk of SIDS, most paediatricians do not advise using comforters or other similar soft objects until an infant is over seven months old. Once a child is old enough, however, a baby sleep companion may give Sydney parents peace of mind and a better night’s sleep for both themselves and baby.

Many babies do appear to benefit from having an object of comfort placed with them during the night. The reasons for this are obvious to anyone caring for a small infant, as they simply can’t get enough of feeling snuggled close to mum and her soothing heartbeat. While fostering this bond is essential for healthy development, it can lead to many restless nights as baby frequently wakes for comfort. One way to give your little one what he or she craves, while preserving your sanity, is to buy a baby comforter, such as one available in Sydney through Sleep Tight Babies.

One of our most popular sleep companions is the world-renowned Lulla Doll, featuring the sounds of a real heartbeat to replicate the feeling of lying close to mum. These dolls are an excellent choice to use with babies seven months and older, providing them with a comfy companion offering a soothing presence all through the night.

Reasons to Buy a Baby Comforter for Sydney from Sleep Tight Babies
Sleep Tight Babies is a family-owned business dedicated to providing parents in Sydney and throughout Australia with the best sleep options for their little ones. Our unique product line includes such favourites as the above-mentioned Lulla Doll, the Sleepytot dummy holder, the Miracle Blanket and more. When you buy a baby sleep comforter available for Sydney through our site, you can also take advantage of our low $7 flat rate shipping, or $10 express flat rate shipping.

You and your baby deserve to have a good night’s sleep. Come and see for yourself the many sleep products we have for sale and find your little one’s next favourite bedtime companion. We encourage you to contact us at any time with any questions you may have.

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